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Program in Offshore Engineering

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Department of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering in Pusan National University

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Since 1950, Department of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering (NAOE) has provided the leading bachelor's program with emphasis on the fundamental and conceptual design, engineering, manufacture, and life cycle manag ement of marine vehicles, structures, and complex systems, and the innovative graduate program and challenging research in naval architecture and ocean engineering.


1) Design of Ship and Offshore Structures

  • Advanced Theory of Ship Vibration
  • Thesis Research
  • Advanced Theory of Plasticity
  • Advanced Theory of Finite Element Analysis
  • Advanced Theory for Impact Engineering
  • Theory of Linear Vibration
  • Advanced Theory of Material Strength
  • Advanced Theory of Ship Structural Design
  • Advanced Theory of Engineering for Offshore Installations

2) Ocean and Marine Engineering

  • Advanced Theory of Ocean Engineering
  • Advanced Theory for Drag Reduction Materials
  • Advanced Theory of Ship Propulsion
  • Advanced Analysis Theory of Ship Propulsion
  • Marine Environmental Simulation Engineering
  • Advanced Theory for Impact Engineering
  • Advanced Theory of Ship Maneuverability
  • Applied Computational Techniques on Fluid Dynamics
  • Advanced Theory of Ship Resistance
  • Advanced Theory of Ship Flow Control
  • Thesis Research

3) Fundamentals of Ships and Offshore Engineering

  • Advanced Theory of Numerical Analysis
  • Risk Assessment and Management
  • Advanced Theory of Hydrodynamics
  • Advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Theory of Hydrodynamics of Floating Bodies
  • Advanced Theory of Production System
  • Advanced Theory of Stochastic Process
  • Thesis Research

Requirements for Degree Award

  • 12 credits (nine credits for taught and three credits for research)
  • Thesis submission
  • Graduation Exam / English Exam